About Camera Shop

Taking advantage of the know-how for the camera since more than 25years experience, I opened online shop
“Camera Shop Co.,Ltd.” at Hanzomon on October 10, 2016.
The located next building of JCII Camera Museum which boasts the collection of world’s best. The 1st floor
having JCII Photo Salon and JCII library in basement.
Here is all about history of photography! So far around the camera fair in the world, I leaned about cameras
with collectors around the world.
Moreover, I learned about ‘customer care’ and market price as Japanese representative of camera auction
‘WestLicht’ in Wien Austria.

Taking advantage of these opportunities and experience, we believe that we can help will lead to future
generations the 'classic camera culture'.
Since we aim to camera shop that will delight everyone while also overlaid the camera research, please look
forward. Thank you very much.

Camera Shop Co., Ltd.
Director : Mayumi Kobayashi
5F JCII bldg. 25 Ichibancho Chiyoda-ku Tokyo 102-0082 Japan
Tel 03-6256-9081
Fax 03-6256-9082
URL www.camera-shop.jp
Email [email protected]
Open hour: Monday ~ Friday 11:00 ~ 17:00
Close: Saturday, Sunday, and national holiday
If there is a change will guide the website and Facebook, TWITTER.
Important: Online shop is the subject, but if you wish to visit us please contact us requires appointment in advance.

The official license of antique dealer of Japan #301001606609