VOIGTLANDER VITESSA T Lens Hood 310/41 Filter x 2


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フォクトレンダーのレンズフード1個とフィルター2個のセットです。フードは、箱付きで310/41 40.5 でヴィテッサTの標準レンズ用です。少し歪み、スレなどがあります。フィルターは、イエローフィルターが133/22 G2 VITESSA とあります。ヨゴレあります。プラケース付です。もう1枚は、133/24 FOCAR2 AR VITESSA とあります。少しヨゴレありです。箱、プラケース、説明書付きです。





*Uploading the photos many, so please check the photos for dirt, rubbing, etc. Also please judge the size from the photos. It is for those who understand compatible models.

*You will receive what you see in the pictures. But, wooden hand for display, calipers, ruler, film, are not included.

*Please translate the details of the item into your language, I am sorry but I write in Japanese. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us (in English is also OK). I will reply as soon as possible. I'm sorry for troubling you. Thank you for your understanding.

*The price is based on Japanese Yen of our Japanese website and is automatically converted to USD at the exchange rate on the day.Our English website and eBay price are also linked.

*International shipping will be shipped by Japan Post or UPS, FeDex with tracking number. For the convenience of the system, JPY2,500- will be added  piece by piece when paying PayPal, but we will collect only the product price + conbined shipping actual costs. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

*For the eBay shipping fee will be charged the indicated price.

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