SUPER-MARKET MANIA American Flavor 100% pure camera

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New, Never open, Never used.


Like new, just sign of wear.


Few sign of use by terms, or good used condition.


Many sign of use, few small scratches or dents.


Heavy useed, noticeable scratches or dents.


Defective, missing parts, for study.

Grading of condition is to represent the appearance. Other necessary things are describe.

This is camera shape of juice pack. Although it opened one time for operation check, but unused item. The lens is wide angle 28 / 9.5. The shutter is single speed of 1/100. Put the film in and roll it up until it stops. The shutter button is the straw part. Since it has locked, turn it on and press the shutter to complete the shooting. Please roll up again. Please check rewind in the instruction manual. It is only for bright outdoors. I will recommend it to topics and so on. ジュースのパックの形をしたカメラです。動作確認のため開封しましたが未使用品(色焼けはあります)です。レンズは、28/9.5の広角です。シャッターは1/100の単速です。フイルムを入れて止まるまで巻き上げたらシャッターボタンはストロー部分です。ロックがついているのでオンに回してシャッターを押して撮影完了です。また巻き上げてください。巻き戻しは説明書で確認してください。明るい屋外専用です。話題つくりなどにお勧めします。 *フィルムを装填してのテスト撮影はしてません。写真をよく見て、確認をお願いします。写真にあるものが全てです。ディスプレー用木製ハンド、ノギス、定規は含まれません。 *私どもの価格は、日本円が基準となっています。当社ホームページ上の日本円価格を基準とし、当日の為替レートでUSドルに換算されてます。当社英文ホームページ、及び、eBayの価格も連動しております。 *Has not been test shooting with film loaded. Please look carefully and check with photos. You will get what you see in the pictures. Wooden hands for display, calipers, ruler is not included. *Please translate the details of the item into your language, I am sorry but I write in Japanese. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us (in English is also OK). I will reply as soon as possible. I'm sorry for troubling you. Thank you for your understanding. *Our price is based on Japanese Yen. Based on the Japanese yen price on our website, it is converted to US dollars at the exchange rate of the day. Our English website and eBay price are also linked.
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