Ring type sub minituare camera

Ring type sub minituare camera

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About Conditions

New, Never open, Never used.


Like new, just sign of wear.


Few sign of use by terms, or good used condition.


Many sign of use, few small scratches or dents.


Heavy useed, noticeable scratches or dents.


Defective, missing parts, for study.

Grading of condition is to represent the appearance. Other necessary things are describe.



  • It is a ring type camera made by brass.
  • The camera history details are completely unknown.
  • 4 x 5 mm, use 8 mm film with perforation on one side.
  • The film set should be in dark room work.
  • It is a shutter charge by sliding the knob on the outside of the ring.
  •  The knob's return is slow.
  • The button on the side of the knob is the release.
  • The jewelry part of the ring has a built-in lens, you can adjust the diaphragm by turning the outside.
  • Removal of the inner ring is slightly loose, so care must be taken after loading the film.
  • The film in the photo is a double-eight exposures film. It is not photographed with this ring camera. Just showing that double-eight films is match to the ring camera.
  • This is possible to shooting, but provided for collection.

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