RARE ELOP ELCA2 with ELOCAR 45/3.5 24x24 35mm filim camera


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New, Never open, Never used.


Like new, just sign of wear.


Few sign of use by terms, or good used condition.


Many sign of use, few small scratches or dents.


Heavy useed, noticeable scratches or dents.


Defective, missing parts, for study.

Grading of condition is to represent the appearance. Other necessary things are describe.

  • It is a compact camera that shoots the square size of 24 x 24 using 135 film made by Elop Co., Germany.
  • This machine is Eloca 2 made around 1949.
  • The shutter is a Bario that needs charging, and it is working at B, 25, 75, 200 4th gear.
  • Eloker 45 / 3.5 lenses are slightly dirty.
  • Also, since this camera has no rewind, it is necessary to take a picture with a double magazine or rewind it with a dark box etc.
  • Because it seems to be a company whose short-lived life has ended, it brings it to the collection.
  • Has not been test shooting with film loaded.
  • Please look carefully and check with photos.
  • You will get what you see in the pictures.
  • Wooden hands for display, calipers, ruler is not included.The calipers are not included.
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