Nicca 3-S set with Nikkor 2/5cm with box and more

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  • It is Nicca 3-S set.
  • The set includes the main body, Nikkor lens, lens cap, Kenko filter, warranty card (1 year from February 18, 1959), inspection card of Nikkor lens, manual, 2 pieces of paper, box of the main body, leather case, box for leather case, an outer box of cardboard.
  • The shutter is running.
  • There is a little duty in the finder. Distance meter is good.
  • I have not confirmed putting a film.
  • There are a few scratches on the lens. However there is a transparent feeling.
  • The golden tag of Hinomaru or the distributor has a good taste.
  • Since this is a complete set, please look for a hood afterwards.
  • Has not been test shooting with film loaded.
  • Please look carefully and check with photos.
  • You will get what you see in the pictures.
  • Wooden hands for display, calipers, ruler is not included. The calipers are not included.
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