Leitz filter E49 Uva LHSA(ライカヒストリカ)の昔の機関紙4冊おまけ

3001914 Condition: B

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About Conditions

New, Never open, Never used.


Like new, just sign of wear.


Few sign of use by terms, or good used condition.


Many sign of use, few small scratches or dents.


Heavy useed, noticeable scratches or dents.


Defective, missing parts, for study.

Grading of condition is to represent the appearance. Other necessary things are describe.





海外への発送も実費を頂戴いたします。(Please ask international shipping)

ペイパルでのお支払いの場合、システムの都合上国内一律送料850円が計上されますが、商品代金+実費送料を回収いたします。 銀行送金の場合は、商品代金のみをお振込みください。振込手数料はご負担願います。


  It is original cap of things of those days. I upload pictures many. Please check dirt, rubbing, size etc in the photograph. Also please judge the size in the photograph. It is for those who understand the corresponding model. Thank you. Rulers, calipers, wooden hands are not included. *International shipping will be shipped via International ePacket Light with tracking number. For the convenience of the system, JPY 2500 will be added when paying Paypal, but we will collect only the product price + actual shipping costs. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.


*Please look carefully and check with photos. You will get what you see in the pictures. Wooden hands for display, calipers, ruler is not included.
*Please translate the details of the item into your language, I am sorry but I write in Japanese. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us (in English is also OK). I will reply as soon as possible. I'm sorry for troubling you. Thank you for your understanding.
*Our price is based on Japanese Yen. Based on the Japanese yen price on our website, it is converted to US dollars at the exchange rate of the day. Our English website and eBay price are also linked.
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