Beacon made by the American WHITEHOUSE Products 4x3 camera 1940

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It is the vest size film use 4x3 camera Beacon made by the American WHITEHOUSE Products, around 1940. The shutter is running B and I. The lens is an anonymous two pieces two element lens and it is good state. When the front plate is pulled out, the shutter will be shoot. You can shoot as many times as you want. The shooting size is 4x3 with the vest format 127 film. It is a very cute camera, so I recommend it for "camera girls". Of course it is also recommended for boys. Leather case that is likely to be out of strap comes with it. Thank you.



*Has not been test shooting with film loaded. Please look carefully and check with photos. You will get what you see in the pictures. Wooden hands for display, calipers, ruler is not included.

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