Altissa ALTIX V with Tessar 2.8/50 TEMPOR shutter

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  • It is Artix V manufactured by ALTISSA in 1954.
  • It is exchangeable lens from this model with SPIGOT mount.
  • There were lens of 30 mm, 35 mm, 90 mm and an external viewfinders.
  • The shutter is TEMPOR with a self timer, B, 1 to 250 is running.
  • The self timer is charged while pressing the red button on the front.
  • There are a few scratches, dust etc. with lens, but it is reasonable.
  • There are threads on the body.
  • Spool is included.
  • Please do add it to your collection.
  • Has not been test shooting with film loaded.
  • Please look carefully and check with photos.
  • You will get what you see in the pictures. Wooden hands for display is not included.
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