PROTAX PC-606 35mm FREE FOCUS with Meniscus lens

3003162 PROTAX PC-606 35mm FREE FOCUS with Meniscus lens

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軽い!?僅か120グラムのプラスティックカメラです。PROTAXの PC-606 35mm FREE FOCUS です。135フィルム使用です。レンズは1枚玉で補正のためフィルム側も曲がっています。シャッターは単速で稼働しています。ホットシューが付いています。取説コピー付きです。使い捨てないカメラです。丁寧に扱わないとすぐに壊れそうです。そんな儚いカメラです。写りはわかりません。



*Has not been test shooting with film loaded. Please look carefully and check with photos. You will get what you see in the pictures. Wooden hands for display, calipers, ruler, film, scale are not included.

*Please translate the details of the item into your language, I am sorry but I write in Japanese. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us (in English is also OK). I will reply as soon as possible. I'm sorry for troubling you. Thank you for your understanding.

*Our price is based on Japanese Yen. Based on the Japanese yen price on our website, it is converted to US dollars at the exchange rate of the day. Our English website and eBay price are also linked.

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